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I'm a suspense author, speaker and writing contest judge. Feisty women survivors and strong, brainy men are my specialty, because they are the characters that most interest me, both in life and fiction.


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Inspiration for the Week

Writer's Book:


Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass


Quote of the Week


It's not work, if you love what you're doing.

Steve Sears



Nifty Novel:


Whiskey Rebellion

by Liliana Hart



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Piles of Books
Piles of Books

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Training of Foals
Training of Foals

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The Dianne Plan

Welcome to 2021

I hope you are all keeping safe in this pandemic. As the year progresses, we should see some improvements, but for now, we just have to hang in there.

It's not looking good for attending writers' conferences in person at this point. I'm spending my time writing up a storm.

I just received my cover art for book # 4, Fear the Night, which should be out in a few months. The cover is by Abigail Owen.

Take care.

Until, next time, Dianne.