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I'm a suspense author, speaker and writing contest judge. Feisty women survivors and strong, brainy men are my specialty, because they are the characters that most interest me, both in life and fiction.

My recent releases, The Elijah Black Trilogy, feature a male/female detective team on the hunt for serial killers in New York. 


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Available in eBook and paperback formats.

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The Dianne Plan

Happy 2023! There's a lot going on in the McCartney household this month as Mitch and I are getting our kitchen remodeled. I'm hiding in my office, trying to ignore all the noise and get some writing done. 

My tenth book, Breathing Fire, will be out soon, likely late Spring. I don't have the exact date yet. It's about a murderous arsonist and the Fire Chief who's trying to stop him from killing an innocent woman caught in an age-old tragedy. It won the OWFI Mystery/Suspense Unpublished Novel Award last year.

I'm also working on another standalone and a new trilogy, so it's going to be a busy year. 

I'll be attending the Oklahoma Writers Conference the first week of May and the Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild Conference the first week of August. I might add another conference, but haven't decided which one yet. 

I just added a new blog, the first one in ages, so I hope you'll take a peek.  

Take care, have fun reading and enjoy the coming Spring.



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