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AWARDS (See Judging experience and Memberships below)
      1st Place-Mystery/Suspense Novel--OWFI-Breathing Fire
      2nd Place-Flash Fiction-OWFI-Deadly Deeds
       Finalist-Attendee Suspense--Silver Falchion Awards--Fear the Night
       Finalist-Non rom with romantic elements-OK Rom. Writers Guild-Fear the Night
       1st Place-Mainstream Novel-OWFI-While You Were Gone
       2nd Place-Romance Novel-OWFI-Ella Everlasting
       1st HM-Humor Article-I Dub Thee Lord Sugarbuns
       Finalist-Silver Falchion Awards--Killer Nashville--Daughter of Death
       2nd Place--Mainstream Novel--OWFI--Poetic Justice
       3rd Place--Mystery/Suspense Novel--The Memory of You
       1st Place-Romance Novel-----OWFI--Fear the Night

        1st Place-Flash Fiction--OWFI--A Voluntary Victim

        2nd Place--Mystery/Suspense Novel--OWFI--Chameleon

        3rd Place--Mainstream Novel--OWFI--The Girl Left Behind

        2nd HM--Inspirational Article--OWFI--The Unwanted

        3rd HM--Negotiations--OWFI--Short-Short Story


         2nd Place—Mainstream Novel—OWFI—Welcome to Sanctuary

         2nd Place—Essay—OWFI—Woman vs. Woman

         3rd Place—Mystery/Suspense Novel—OWFI—A Whisper in the Dark

         4th HM—Short-Short Story Adult—OWFI—Through My Child’s Eyes

         3rd HM—Blog:Nonfiction—OWFI—Investing In The Future

         2nd HM—Nostalgia—Abilene Writers Guild—The Great Escape



         2nd Place—Contemporary Romance-OWFI—The Lingering Lie

         3rd Place—Feature Article-OWFI—The Kings Of Copper

         1st HM—Mainstream Novel-OWFI—Fit To Survive

         6th HM—Short-Short Story-OWFI—An Honorable Man



         4th HM Essay OWFI—In The Garden Of My Gallbladder



          1st Mazie Cox Read Column Award OWFI—Jewelry Junkets

          2nd Essay OWFI—The Horse of my Heart

          2nd Mystery/Suspense Novel OWFI—That Touch of Terror

          3rd Nostalgia Prose OWFI—The Inheritance



          1st Romance Novel OWFI—Kyle Harding’s Return

          3rd Mazie Cox Read Column Award OWFI—The Savvy Shopper

          3rd Honorable Mention OWFI—Nostalgia Prose—Grandma’s Gift

          4th Honorable Mention OWFI—Mainstream Novel—The Third Suspect



          4th Honorable Mention OWFI—Mainstream Novel—Salvation

          2nd Honorable Mention OWFI—The Myth of the Perfect Mother



          1st Mystery/Suspense Novel OWFI—The Daughter of Death

          1st Inspirational Article OWFI—The Constant Farewell

          2nd Romance Novel OWFI—Just One Night

          3rd Nostalgia Prose OWFI—The Girl Least Likely to . . .

          3rd Honorable Mention OWFI—Tootie Fruity and the Santa Squirrel


          1st Mainstream Novel CORA—Sworn Duty

          2nd OWFI Inspirational Prose—Choosing Light

          2nd Honorable Mention Romance Novel OWFI—Just One Night

          2nd Honorable Mention M Cox Reid Column Award OWFI—Killing Clutter

          3rd Honorable Mention Short Story CORA—Scars



           1st Humor Article OWFI—It Ain’t Worth Bein’ Skinny If You’re Dead

           2nd M. Cox Reid Column Award OWFI—Creating The Custom Home

           3rd Cont. Romance Novel OWFI--Starstruck

           3rd Hon. Mention Mystery/Suspense Novel OWFI—Killer Instincts

           Honorable Mention Suspense Novel Abilene Writers Guild—Killer Instincts



           1st Mainstream Novel OWFI—Sworn Duty

           2nd Honorable Mention Mystery/Suspense Novel OWFI—Where Evil Grows

           4th Honorable Mention Inspirational OWFI—Choosing Light



           1st Honorable Mention Essay OWFI—The Girl Least Likely To

           2nd Honorable Mention Inspirational JCCW—A Conversation With My Brother

           2nd Honorable Mention Short-Short Story OWFI—Falling To Pieces



           1st Place Mystery Novel JCCW—Where Evil Grows

           3rd Place Romance Novel JCCW—Just One Night

           1st Honorable Mention Short-Short Story OWFI—The Bargain

           3rd Honorable Mention How To Article OWFI—Loading The Reluctant Horse

           Honorable Mention Short-Short Story AWG—Falling To Pieces

           Honorable Mention Novel AWG—Where Evil Grows



           1st Place Mainstream Short Story JCCW—The Attraction

           2nd Place Romance Novel JCCW—Sworn Duty

           2nd Honorable Mention Romance Novel OWFI—Just One Night


2023-Non fiction Article--OWFI

2022-Young Adult Novel-OWFI

2022-Romantic Suspense-NEST


2020-Short Story-OKRWA


2019-Novel--Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

2019-Non-Fiction Book--OWFI

2018 - Novel Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

2013 - Mainstream Book—OWFI

2011 - Non-fiction book—OWFI

2005 - Essay—Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

2004 - Essay—Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

2002 - Mystery/Horror Short Story—Johnson County Creative Writers



Rose Rock wRiters


Tornado Alley Sisters-In-Crime

OKLA Romance Writers Guild 

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