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The Secret Life of Writers

Here are five things you might not know about a writer's life.

1. We frequently spend too many hours in our pajamas, talking to ourselves.

2. Housekeeping is not our highest priority, because we have too many voices in our heads and it’s distracting.

3. If you are mean to us, you might end up playing a corpse in our manuscript. Don’t worry—it’s a harmless coping mechanism and the best therapy ever invented.

4. We are the nosiest people alive. We will shamelessly listen in on any conversation and scribble notes on a napkin, if necessary.

5. We often cry as we write painful scenes and then laugh like hyenas at the funny ones. Yup, this is normal for us, so please don’t call a physician.

Question of the day: What is the funniest thing you do when you write?

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